In the heart of the old town, a central building (2002) and three ancient houses are home to the national archaeological, historical and artistic collections of Luxembourg. Presented in the form of various newly designed thematic tours, they are a cultural attraction not to be missed. Diverse temporary exhibitions complete the offer.

Permanent Collections

Since 2015, the MNHA offers five thematic tours:

Prologue - A short overview of the history of the country and the museum from 1839 to the present day.

Archaeology - The highlights of Luxembourg's archaeological heritage, from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages.

Arts and Crafts - From Mansfeld to Design: Habitat and Applied Arts in Luxembourg from the Renaissance to the 21st Century.

Fine Arts - The collections of ancient art (12th-19th century), modern and contemporary art (20th-21st century) as well as Luxembourgish art (17th-21st century).

Coins and Medals - The monetary and economic history of our regions from Antiquity to the present day.

Temporary exhibitions 2022

Alfred Seiland. Iran Between Times

jusqu'au 11.09.2022


The Museum Project

30.10.2021 — 23.01.2022


Le passé colonial du Luxembourg

08.04. — 6.11.2022


Gast Michels

07.10.2022 — 26.03.2023


Erwin Olaf / Hans op de Beeck. Inspired by Steichen

16.12.2022 — 16.04.2023


In 1922, the Luxembourg State acquired the Collart-de-Scherf house on the Fish Market to accommodate the national collections. However, the transformations only advanced slowly and the museum, that was to be inaugurated in 1939, was only able to open its doors after the War, in 1945. Fifty years later, the first edition of Luxembourg, European Capital of Culture, clearly demonstrated that the central building of the Museum had become too small to allow its activities and its collections to develop further. The MNHA restructuring project was then entrusted to the Fonds de rénovation de la Vieille Ville. Positioned at the heart of the historic center in an UNESCO-classified area, the extension of the museum, entrusted to the architect Christian Bauer and associates, turned out to be a difficult task. After extensive renovations, the new central building was finally inaugurated in 2002. Its premises now meet contemporary requirements and double the museum's exhibition space, which thus increases from 1900 m2 to 4300 m2, the new additional exhibition rooms being installed under the refurbished square of the fish market. Three patrician houses located opposite the museum in the Wiltheim street, acquired and fitted out in the 1960s and 1970s, were excluded from the 2002 restructuring project. The Wiltheim Wing was renovated from 2012 to 2014, eventually offering around 1,500 m2 of additional exhibition space as well as two new workshops for the museum's educational service. A two-level, fully glazed footbridge now connects the central building to the Wiltheim Wing and allows a significant improvement in circulation and visitor flow.


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