The National Museum of Natural History is the place for everyone wishing to learn more about the earth and nature. In ten spaces, you will find yourself in different worlds. The earth and the creative force of our planet, the history of life: each theme takes you on a journey through the rich and varied natural world.

Permanent exhibitions

By reflecting the state of current research in natural history in general and the museum's collections in particular, permanent exhibitions provide a global perspective on current topics such as evolution and biodiversity. The new arrangement enables to better display the variety of collections and encourages a new look at nature, its history and study. The mission of the 'natur musée' is to raise environmental awareness and contribute to the conservation of the natural heritage. The exhibitions serve as a direct interface between the public and the actors of scientific production in the museum, while the division of subjects now only follows scientific disciplines very freely.


The collections of the National Museum of Natural History reflect more than 160 years of the Institute's history and above all the dynamism and commitment of its curators and their collaborators. Collection development can be reconstructed by comparing the various inventories established over 160 years ago with the current content of the collections. The following attributes characterize the current collection: regional, scientific, heritage, educational, aesthetic and historical.

Temporary exhibitions

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25, rue Münster
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