The museum, located in the heart of the old town, is housed in a restored complex of historic houses. On three levels, partly carved in the rock, visitors discover the history of the city through original objects and topographical reconstructions as well as a mobile application. Temporary exhibitions are regularly held on the two upper levels.

Permanent exhibition

The Luxembourg Story. More than 1000 years of urban history

On the three lower levels of the museum as well as in a space devoted to the current town planning, the exhibition tells the eventful history of the city of Luxembourg, from its origins in the 10th century to the present day. By following the chronology of urban development, divided into four major periods and 17 topics, the exhibition focuses on the most important and characteristic aspects of each epoch. A mobile application offers different guided tours.


Luxembourg as seen by contemporary artists

In the Lëtzebuerg City Museum’s permanent exhibition, visitors will discover contemporary artistic positions dealing with the urban landscape of Luxembourg and city views in the broadest sense.

Temporary exhibitions

'Gleef dat net…!'. Conspiracy theories, past and present
Until 16/01/2022

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of people are convinced that secret forces are behind social crises. However, the phenomenon of such conspiracy theories is much older, and some accusations have existed for centuries until today. In a historical perspective, the exhibition examines the origins, functioning and spread of conspiracy thinking – from the alleged well poisoning by Jews in the Middle Ages, through Freemasons and Illuminati, to ‘chemtrails’ and anti-vaccinationists. The show, which is rich in exhibits and topics, aims to make a contribution to a socially relevant topic as well as to provide support for the distinction between fact and fiction, which is particularly important in the Internet age.



'Collectionner, une sacrée mission… !'. How objects come into the museum: the example of religious cultural heritage
08/10/2021 > 03/07/2022

How do objects get into the museum’s collection? This is shown using the example of two ensembles consisting of 19th and 20th century Catholic objects: a former private collection of devotional pictures and religious picture editions for domestic use, as well as furnishings and liturgical objects from the city of Luxembourg's Church of St. Michael (including statues of saints, baldachins, flags, candlesticks and stained glass windows). The visitor learns how the museum curators select objects, how they are incorporated, documented and, if necessary, restored so that they can then be stored in the depot or exhibited. The exhibition also provides an opportunity to rediscover the meaning and purpose of the religious objects.

Cultural & educational programme September — December 2021


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The museum's architecture is striking in its sheer verticality that reflects the configuration of a city characterised by the contrast between upper and lower levels, of which 6 are open to the public.

The panoramic lift is a fascinating example of the successful adaptation of an old building to the expectations of modern-day museum visitors.  The glass cage of the lift passes through the entire height of the museum. The cage is a room in itself, with a surface area of 18 m2, and can hold up to 65 people. Thanks to its transparent walls and reduced pace, the public is able to admire the rock foundations visible on the lower levels and the panoramic view of the Grund district and Rham plateau on the upper levels. The lift travels through more than 1000 years of history in a few minutes, showing the urban stratification of the city of Luxembourg throughout the centuries.

Architecture: Conny Lentz - 1996
Architecture and museography : Adeline Rispal and Jean-Jacques Raynaud for Repérages - 1996


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