Housed in the restored keep of Fort Thüngen, the Musée Dräi Eechelen is an exceptional historical building with a spectacular network of underground galleries and mines. Beyond the temporary exhibitions, the permanent collection illustrates the history of the fortress of Luxembourg from the Middle Ages to its dismantling.

Permanent exhibition

Each of the casemates in the permanent exhibition illustrates a different era of the fortress and its influence on the country’s history. The tour begins in the Middle Ages with the capture of the city of Luxembourg by the Burgundians in 1443, and ends with the construction of the Pont Adolphe in 1903. More than 600 objects and original documents, many of which have never been shown before, highlight the diversity of the collections. A special room houses a selection of historical photographs which present the fortress immediately before and after it was razed. The historic building of the museum constitutes in itself an important element of the permanent exhibition. With its impressive underground galleries and mines, it corresponds to a large extent to the original condition during the last phase of its expansion in 1836/1837. The visitor is invited to explore important themes of the permanent exhibition through an interactive database and audiovisual documentation in the multimedia room. Free audio guides supply detailed explanations for many objects in French, English, German and Luxembourgish. An auditorium regularly provides the facilities for conferences or screenings in relation to the exhibitions.

Temporary exhibitions

The first floor is dedicated to temporary exhibitions related to History, Fortress, Identities.


LÉGIONNAIRES. Parcours de guerre et de migrations entre le Luxembourg et la France
Until 27.02.2022


We must go back to the year 1732 to date the construction of Fort Thüngen, when the Austrian authorities decided to strengthen the fortress of Luxembourg. In 1836, then from 1859 to 1860, the fort was modernized and enlarged, this time under the authority of the Prussians. Fort Thüngen, together with Fort Olizy and Fort Parkhöhe, forms the outer ring of the Grünewald front.



After a decade of major work and restoration under the direction of the Service des sites et monuments nationaux, the interior design of the museum was entrusted to the Parisian architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The museum furniture was developed in collaboration with the German company König + Ebersbach. The general structure is signed by Becker Architecture & Urbanisme.


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