Mudam Luxembourg

  • Blueprint
    Mudam Luxembourg
    Public Workshop: Blueprint
    19H00 – 23H00

    On the occasion of the Museum Night, Mudam invites you to participate in our Blueprint workshop. In participating, you will contribute to the creation of a large-scale collective drawing using different printing techniques. Your combined drawings will form a large labyrinth representing the architecture of Mudam. Come join us at Mudam on October 8 to contribute to this collective activity!

    No experience required, material provided | No booking required | For adults, teens, and accompanied children



  • Ziúr et Tarek Atoui
    Mudam Luxembourg
    Performance : Ziúr and Tarek Atoui
    18H00 & 22H00 (Mudam Grand Hall)

    Known for installations and performances that embody a sensory approach to space via sound and objects, Tarek Atoui has invited musician Ziúr to perform with him within the framework of his exhibition Waters’ Witness. Ziúr is an experimental producer/musician in Berlin’s vibrant musical topography. She produces music that is expansive, rich and diverse in texture, with sounds that are simultaneously mechanistic and deeply anthropomorphic, toying with mechanical isolation and the chaotic spectrum of human emotion.

    Within the framework of the exhibition Waters’ Witness by Tarek Atoui


  • Max
    Mudam Luxembourg
    "Coup de cœur" with Max Gindorff (Spoken Word Performance)
    21H00 & 24H00 (DE)

    Max Gindorff was born in 1994 in Belvaux, Luxembourg. He studied acting at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna. Besides his studies, he worked at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg and the Kaleidoskoptheater, among others. Engagements followed at the Volkstheater Wien and the Wiener Schauspielhaus in Vienna. With Der Himmelblaue Herr at the Kasemattentheater in Luxembourg, he directed his first play in collaboration with the collective Childhood:Destiny. After a year as a permanent member of the ensemble of the Residenztheater in Munich, he moved on to the Wiener Burgtheater for the 2019/20 season. His performance is created in collaboration with the German actor Markus Bernhard Börger. From 2013 to 2017, Börger studied acting at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna. He has since been working mainly in Austria, among others at the Volkstheater and the Akademietheater. With Der Himmelblaue Herr, he premiered in Luxembourg with his own collective Childhood:Destiny.


  • Mudam Luxembourg
    Culinary Night at Mudam

    At the Mudam Café, the team from pure. will introduce visitors to their home-made cuisine made from local and seasonal products with a selection of soups and focaccia. The kitchen will remain open until 1am. As Mudam will also be hosting the after party this year, the bar will be open all evening until 3am and will be serving a selection of cocktails and drinks. In front of the museum’s entrance, a food truck, ‘Amore al dente’, will be open until 3am. On the menu: delicious pasta.


  • Dance Divine
    Mudam Luxembourg
    01h00 – 03h00 | Mudam Foyer

    Following the museums’s closing at 01:00, join us for a queer rave-party hosted by Mudam. Featuring a DJ set by Luxembourg-born transmedia artist Dance Divine, whose practice includes a variety of sonic forms from techno to break-beat and politically motivated vocals, Mudam’s foyer will transform into a club conceived and designed by Brussels-based collective Every Island.

    Dance Divine is a transmedia artist, founder of the Shakti Stream transnational collective. They produce TBM Neo Trance storytellings and perform them in seasonal variations of drag in clubs and festivals. Their latest EP Salvation (Warriorecords, Paris) has received great reviews from specialist magazines such as Tsugi,ManifestoXXI and TheBrvtalist. Once a month, they upload their newest releases on SoundCloud and on Bandcamp. Dive in the transcendance! 

    Every Island is a design collective based in Brussels that investigates performativity in space through ephemeral architectures and installations. Using ambiguity as a design tool, they think of space as a scenography for transitions between roles, stages and meanings. Within each project, materiality is conceived as a reminiscence of hidden memories, images and sensations. Every Island was formed in early 2021 by Alessandro Cugola, Caterina Malavolti, Damir Draganić, Juliane Seehawer and Martina Genovesi.

  • Photo credits:

    Photo 1: © Mudam Luxembourg
    Photo 2: © Matt Lambert
    Photo 3: Max Gindorff © Niklas Vogt
    Photo 4: Dance Divine, © Typic Alix



14 OCTOBER 2023, FROM 17H00 TO 01H00


Villa Vauban – Musée d’Art de la Ville de Luxembourg

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

MNHA – Musée national d’histoire et d’art

Musée national d’histoire naturelle – ‘natur musée’

Musée Dräi Eechelen – Forteresse, Histoire, Identités

Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean



Until 14 October (14h00): in all participating museums & at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office

Until 13 October (18h30) : on site at luxembourgticket 

Until 10 October (18h30) : online at


Adults: 10€

Youth (16-26): 3€

<16 years old: 0€

Kulturpass: 0€

Amis des Musées & Frënn vum ‘natur musée’: 0€



Adults: 15€

Youth (16-26): 7€

< 16 years old: 0€

Kulturpass: 0€

Amis des Musées & Frënn vum ‘natur musée’: 0€




Detailed programmes from 1.10.2023: click on the icons of the museums above.




In order to facilitate the nightly tour, use the free shuttle busses.

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VILLA VAUBAN Luxembourg City Art Museum
CASINO LUXEMBOURG Forum d'art contemporain
MNHA Musée national d'histoire et d'art
NATUR MUSÉE Musée national d'histoire naturelle
MUDAM LUXEMBOURG Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
Workshop for children: Clear to cloudy (> 23H00)
Up-Fuse Workshop open to all ages (>21H30)
Workshop for children: Poster Party (>23H00)
Workshop for children: Magnets in Gast Michels’ style (> 21H00)
Workshop for children: Bees, bumblebees, wasps and Co. (> 21H00)
Workshop for children: "Handwiewerei" (>21H00)
Photo Point (>01H00)
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (LU)
Fortress history in front of your eyes: performance of the 9th Light (>23H00)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Guided tour "The Villa Vauban and its sculpture park" (LU)
Guided tour (LU/DE)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (LU/DE)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (EN)
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (LU)
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Fabienne Gorges
Discovery of the casemates (FR)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (FR)
Print workshop for adults (>01H00)
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Franziska Peschel
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (FR)
Performance: Ziúr & Tarek Atoui
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Guided tour (EN)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (EN)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (LU)
"Lëtz’ talk Art" (FR)
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (FR)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (LU)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Guided tour "The Villa Vauban and its sculpture park" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Jackie Moontan (EN)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (EN)
Theatre Tour: "Mansfeld um Tour" (LU)
Maras & Faya Braz
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Pascale Noé Adam (LU)
Public workshop: Blueprint (>23H00)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (FR)
Guided tour (FR)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (FR)
“Sing along!"
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (EN)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
Coup de cœur with Fabienne Gorges
Discovery of the casemates (LU/DE)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (LU)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Cosimo Suglia
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Theatre Tour: "Mansfeld um Tour" (LU)
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (DE)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (LU/DE)
Guided tour (EN)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (FR)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (EN)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (EN)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
DJ Set : Shacha (> 01H00)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Guided tour (FR)
PUCK SCHOT – Breath/Fist
DJ Maximillion (>01H00)
"The museum’s architectural and archeological scenery" (LU)
Coup de cœur with Gina Árvai (EN)
Maras & Faya Braz
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Max Gindorff (DE)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (LU/DE)
Guided tour (LU/DE)
“Sing along!"
"Lëtz’ talk Art" (EN)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (LU)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma (EN)
Discovery of the casemates (EN)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Cosimo Suglia
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (EN)
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (LU/DE)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (LU)
Coup de cœur with Franziska Peschel
Performance: Ziúr et Tarek Atoui
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (EN)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Acidic Male (Dj Set)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (LU)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (LU)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
Coup de cœur with Gina Árvai (EN)
Maras & Faya Braz
Coup de cœur with Pascale Noé Adam (FR)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (EN)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Sensu, Part II (Dj Set)
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (EN)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Jackie Moontan (EN)
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Max Gindorff (DE)