Casino Luxembourg

  • Repräsentantinnen
    Casino Luxembourg
    Guided tours with a Casino mediator (30 min.)
    17h30 & 21h30 (LU/DE) | 18h30 & 20h30 (EN) | 19H30 & 21H00 (FR)

    Throughout the evening, take a tour of the Casino in company of an art mediator and learn about three very distinct contemporary artists and their works in the exhibitions Jours de lenteurSound Without Music and Repräsentantinnen.




  • Jours de lenteur
    Casino Luxembourg
    Tours of the exhibition "Jours de lenteur" with Stilbé Schroeder (curator)
    18H00 (FR) | 20H00 (LU) | 22H00 (EN)

    Designed and composed like paintings, Adrien Vescovi's canvases - old sheets and other fabric scraps - are dyed in natural pigment concoctions and then hung in spaces. Thus interacting with their environment, sometimes in the open air, where they are impregnated by the elements and the weather, sometimes indoors, where the canvases and their arrangement respond to the architecture of the place.


  • Sound Without Music
    Casino Luxembourg
    Tours of the exhibition "Sound Without Music" with Anastasia Chaguidouline (curator)
    17H30 (LU/DE) | 18h30 (EN) | 19H30 (FR)

    Sound Without Music highlights emerging and established practices, collectives and synergies to show how listening to and producing sounds remain essential rituals in contemporary society.



  • Atelier Lisa Keiffer
    Casino Luxembourg
    Up-Fuse Workshop
    17H00 – 21H30 (OPEN TO ALL AGES)

    Inspired by the open source project “Precious Plastic”, this workshop will show you how to turn single-used plastic bags into valuable and unique objects and by doing so, to help tackle the plastic waste problem. The workshop will provide you with simple tools and techniques, in order to create your own colourful up-cycled universe.

    Artiste: Lisa Keiffer

    Lisa Keiffer is a passionate multidisciplinary graphic designer and graphic design teacher at Lycée des Arts et Métiers. After 15 years abroad, she decided to finally move back to her roots, in order to contribute to the growing design field in Luxembourg and to share her experience and her passion with the future generation. With a keen eye for details and a fascination for craftsmanship and materiality, she strives to apply a cross-disciplinary and sustainable working approach. Lisa Keiffer’s work covers a wide spectrum of jobs, ranging from art direction, branding and identity, packaging design and editorial to artistic and personal projects.

    “Not chase trends, but trying to develop the most suitable, unique and engaging experience for each job.”

  • Waking the Mountain
    Casino Luxembourg
    Reading for children: "Waking the Mountain"
    17H30 (EN) | 18h30 (LU) | 20H00 (FR), 15 min.

    Nature is suffering, and so is Zura’s best feline friend Milo. Soon, Zura knows she’ll have to turn her anger into action if she wants to save both. Waking the Mountain is a relevant and hopeful story about friendship and working together towards a better future and a healthier planet. Lisa Junius’s soft and colored illustrations lead the reader through this wondrous world and make the text, written by Marina Fonseca, come to life.

    Artistes: Lisa Junius, Marina Fonseca, Claudine Furlano (ZOOM editions)

  • Jackie Moontan
    Casino Luxembourg
    Coup de cœur with Jackie Moontan (Spoken Word Performance)
    19H00 & 00H00 (EN)

    Jackie Moontan is a man from the moon – or so he says. He is known for his fondness for kitsch and for donning satin shirts and brightly coloured suits on stage. His shows are full of surprises and unpredictable performances. Sometimes he goes into a trance like an evangelist and howls, delighting his audiences with a dance interlude or falling off the stage – all of which can happen at the same time. When Moontan enters the room, human conventions go out the window. But he is also a sharp observer, a fabulous pop singer and a brilliant verbal acrobat whose part-absurd, part-moving stories never fail to mesmerise the public.


  • Puck Schot
    Casino Luxembourg
    PUCK SCHOT – Breath/Fist
    21H00 (in the exhibition "Sound without Music")

    For the concept Sound Without Music Schot will compose an audioperformance centered around breathing. Combining audio-recordings and loops of sounds derived from her mouth with distortion and modulation, Schot confronts the audience with the sensation silence yet suffocation, performing texts reminiscent of silent memories and hauntologies of femme sexuality. Playing with the intensity of these elements, synthesizers and drum machines will set the tone for building a pressure room. The performance will take place in the middle of a stage of withering flowers and a large live-projection close-up of her mouth projected on the wall/screen behind.

    Working as a visual artist and writer, Puck Schot once felt the need to express a more masculine voice within her poetry. Curious towards electronic music, she started making experiments around 2019 with noise, poetry on violence and distorted drum samples as Acidic Male. In that same year she started collaborating with RJM Vanderheyden as 'Vot'ress' as well, combining harsh noise with nature sounds and Shakespearean texts. Since then, she has a high interest in industrial sounds, hypnotic drum patterns and experimental vocals. Having her performer name as a revenge title, she searches to “other” herself into the position of a manipulator, perpetrating the listener through the duality of softness and harshness within violent sounds and poetry. Yet, typically what is left is merely a penetration of herself as the subject, exposing her confessions, memories and hauntologies. She is simply ripping in two, in front of an audience.

  • Acidic Male
    Casino Luxembourg
    Listening Session by Lagerkultur: Acidic Male (Dj Set)

    Acidic Male has an interest in industrial sounds, hypnotic drum patterns and experimental vocals. Having her performer name as a revenge title, she searches to “other” herself into the position of a poetic perpetrator. Her sounds have been described as “elegant industrial”, yet in her selections she attempts to showcase her love for genre-wide experimentalism. 


  • Sensu
    Casino Luxembourg
    Sensu, Part II (Dj Set)

    Sensu will play a live set focused on some of the more experimental tendencies in his work. Minimalism and extreme repetition, combined with an industrial music-like stance define his sounds and musical structures, as do a set of gentle and less than gentle paradoxical musical elements.


  • Kay Restaurant
    Casino Luxembourg
    Culinary Night

    BBQ (veggie & meat) & Drinks by KAY creative cuisine

  • Photo credits:

    Photo 1: Repräsentantinnen
    Photo 2: Sound Without Music
    Photo 3: © Mick Stibling
    Photo 4: Waking the Mountain
    Photo 5: Jackie Moontan © Leonard Porché
    Photo 6: PUCK SCHOT
    Photo 7: © Lagerkultur
    Photo 8: © Sensu
    Photo 9: © Casino Luxembourg



14 OCTOBER 2023, FROM 17H00 TO 01H00


Villa Vauban – Musée d’Art de la Ville de Luxembourg

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

MNHA – Musée national d’histoire et d’art

Musée national d’histoire naturelle – ‘natur musée’

Musée Dräi Eechelen – Forteresse, Histoire, Identités

Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean



Until 14 October (14h00): in all participating museums & at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office

Until 13 October (18h30) : on site at luxembourgticket 

Until 10 October (18h30) : online at


Adults: 10€

Youth (16-26): 3€

<16 years old: 0€

Kulturpass: 0€

Amis des Musées & Frënn vum ‘natur musée’: 0€



Adults: 15€

Youth (16-26): 7€

< 16 years old: 0€

Kulturpass: 0€

Amis des Musées & Frënn vum ‘natur musée’: 0€




Detailed programmes from 1.10.2023: click on the icons of the museums above.




In order to facilitate the nightly tour, use the free shuttle busses.

Map shuttles Timetable




VILLA VAUBAN Luxembourg City Art Museum
CASINO LUXEMBOURG Forum d'art contemporain
MNHA Musée national d'histoire et d'art
NATUR MUSÉE Musée national d'histoire naturelle
MUDAM LUXEMBOURG Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
Workshop for children: Clear to cloudy (> 23H00)
Up-Fuse Workshop open to all ages (>21H30)
Workshop for children: Poster Party (>23H00)
Workshop for children: Magnets in Gast Michels’ style (> 21H00)
Workshop for children: Bees, bumblebees, wasps and Co. (> 21H00)
Workshop for children: "Handwiewerei" (>21H00)
Photo Point (>01H00)
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (LU)
Fortress history in front of your eyes: performance of the 9th Light (>23H00)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Guided tour "The Villa Vauban and its sculpture park" (LU)
Guided tour (LU/DE)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (LU/DE)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (EN)
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (LU)
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Fabienne Gorges
Discovery of the casemates (FR)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (FR)
Print workshop for adults (>01H00)
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Franziska Peschel
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (FR)
Performance: Ziúr & Tarek Atoui
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Guided tour (EN)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (EN)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (LU)
"Lëtz’ talk Art" (FR)
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (FR)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (LU)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Guided tour "The Villa Vauban and its sculpture park" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Jackie Moontan (EN)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (EN)
Theatre Tour: "Mansfeld um Tour" (LU)
Maras & Faya Braz
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Pascale Noé Adam (LU)
Public workshop: Blueprint (>23H00)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (FR)
Guided tour (FR)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (FR)
“Sing along!"
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (EN)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
Coup de cœur with Fabienne Gorges
Discovery of the casemates (LU/DE)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (LU)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Cosimo Suglia
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Theatre Tour: "Mansfeld um Tour" (LU)
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (DE)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (LU/DE)
Guided tour (EN)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (FR)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (EN)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (EN)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
DJ Set : Shacha (> 01H00)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Guided tour (FR)
PUCK SCHOT – Breath/Fist
DJ Maximillion (>01H00)
"The museum’s architectural and archeological scenery" (LU)
Coup de cœur with Gina Árvai (EN)
Maras & Faya Braz
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Max Gindorff (DE)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (LU/DE)
Guided tour (LU/DE)
“Sing along!"
"Lëtz’ talk Art" (EN)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (LU)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma (EN)
Discovery of the casemates (EN)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Cosimo Suglia
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (EN)
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (LU/DE)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (LU)
Coup de cœur with Franziska Peschel
Performance: Ziúr et Tarek Atoui
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (EN)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Acidic Male (Dj Set)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (LU)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (LU)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
Coup de cœur with Gina Árvai (EN)
Maras & Faya Braz
Coup de cœur with Pascale Noé Adam (FR)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (EN)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Sensu, Part II (Dj Set)
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (EN)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Jackie Moontan (EN)
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Max Gindorff (DE)