Villa Vauban

  • Atelier enfants
    Villa Vauban
    Workshop for children: Clear to cloudy
    17H00 – 23H00 (Multilingual)

    From 6 years old, for accompanied children from 4 years old. Without registration.

    During this workshop, children discover how the famous English artist John Constable manages to paint the most beautiful clouds, inspiring them to draw a stunning cloudy sky themselves.



  • Duo Kiasma
    Villa Vauban
    Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
    20H00 | 21H00 | 22H00 | 23H00

    Together, Pierre Fontenelle and Frin Wolter form the Duo Kiasma, boldly traveling across different stylistic horizons by combining the sounds of their respective instruments, the cello and the accordion, in an unclassifiable repertoire. Through their creativity, spontaneity and modernity, these two young virtuosos share their personal vision of the role of the musician in the 21st century.




  • Villa Vauban
    DJ Set: Shacha
    21H00 – 01H00

    Luxembourg-born DJ Duo Shania and Charlotte have been best friends for over 20 years. Two short years ago, they both decided to play music together and share their passion.

    The girls first discovered their love for electronic music in 2017 at a Jet Hangar festival with an all female line-up in South Africa. Shortly after this, they got inspired to start investing time and energy into creating their own sets. Their aim is to spice up the Luxembourgish music scene by introducing more female energy into the city’s nightlife. Living in Madrid and Vienna, they both work on different projects, however, they already had the chance to play at some bigger events in their hometown Luxembourg City, among other events also for Ultraschall Collective.

  • Fabienne Gorges
    Villa Vauban
    "Coup de cœur" with Fabienne Gorges
    18H00 & 20H00

    Fabienne Gorges was born in Luxembourg. A student in psychology, she developed a liking for spoken word in the United States, where she joined a collective and learned the art of spoken word poetry from scratch. Among other things, she learned how important it is for text, voice, role and posture to be in tune if a spoken word performance is to be successful.

    Fabienne is a fresh and important voice in a fast-moving world that is currently undergoing dramatic changes.She stands for a young generation that is expected to take on several global crises at once: climate, war, pandemic. The young poet takes her audience on a highly emotional journey punctuated by bombastic rhymes and moving words.


  • John Constable’s English Landscapes
    Villa Vauban
    Guided tours of the exhibition 'John Constable’s English Landscapes. Masterpieces from the Tate Collection'
    17H15, 18H30 & 23H00 (FR) | 20H30 (LU/DE) | 22H30 & 24H00 (EN)

    John Constable (1776–1837) is one of England’s most celebrated painters. Together with J.M.W. Turner, with whom he shares a masterly use of colour shades to depict light, he contributed to the flourishing of 19th-century British landscape painting. Constable sought and found his motifs exclusively in his native environment, the county of Suffolk and the surroundings of Salisbury, Hampstead and Brighton. For his large-format paintings he made numerous sketches in the open countryside. Constable also influenced French Romanticism and the École de Barbizon.


  • Une promenade à travers l’art
    Villa Vauban
    Guided tours of the exhibition 'A stroll through art. European painting and sculpture, 17th – 19th century'
    19H30 (FR) | 21H30 (LU/DE) | 23H30 (EN)

    With more than 100 paintings and 14 sculptures, Villa Vauban’s permanent exhibition takes visitors on a journey through three centuries of artistic creation: from the 17th-century Netherlands to Italian dreamscapes and French painting around 1850. In addition to styles, art periods and numerous masterpieces, there are small formats and miniatures to discover, as well as the spectacular acquisitions of Jean-Pierre Pescatore, benefactor of the City of Luxembourg, on the occasion of the auction of King William II of the Netherlands’ collection in 1850. The great diversity of subjects and artistic styles is conveyed at the beginning of the tour in the form of an immersive video projection that transports visitors into the atmosphere of the paintings they will discover on their stroll through art.


  • La Villa Vauban et son parc de sculptures
    Villa Vauban
    Thematic guided tours: The Villa Vauban and its sculpture park
    17H30 (LU) | 19H00 (EN), 60 min.

    The Villa Vauban, Art Museum of the City of Luxembourg, is located in the middle of a park designed by Édouard André (1840 - 1911), one of the main landscape artists of his time, and reconstituted in its original form. Discover the park and its sculptures during a guided tour.


  • Meet the Masters
    Villa Vauban
    Thematic guided tours: Meet the masters
    21H00, 22H45 & 23H45 (FR)

    Discover the Grand Masters of our collection: Gustave Courbet, Adam Pynacker, Jan Havicksz Steen






  • Découverte des casemates
    Villa Vauban
    Thematic guided tours: Discovery of the casemates in the park of the Villa Vauban
    18H00–19H30 (FR) | 20H00–21H30 (LU/DE) | 22H00–23H30 (EN)

    Remember to bring a small flashlight! The visit begins in the park of Villa Vauban.






  • Johns Cottage
    Villa Vauban
    Culinary Night

    Ginger Head Food Truck: Ginger Head is a food truck that serves delicious burgers made with fresh and local products. All our recipes and homemade sauces are elaborated by our Chef to please all gourmets.

    John's Cottage: For a picnic or just a walk in the garden of Villa Vauban, John's Cottage offers typical English cuisine: scones, bagels (vegetarian, salmon or ham) and homemade desserts such as banana bread, cheesecake, biscuits, carrot cake.... Drinks are also available (beer, cider, crémant, champagne, but also natural juices produced in the region.)

    Drinks by "Benoît Claude viticulteurs": Benoît & Claude Viticulteurs, a small, family run winemaker located on top of the vineyards in Remich. For the night of the museum, meet us at the Villa Vauban for a glass of “rouden Fiederwäissen”, a first taste of the 2022 wines.

  • Photographic credits

    Photo 1: © Christian Aschman
    Photo 2: © Nicodraps
    Photo 3: Shacha
    Photo 4: Fabienne Gorges, © fvbian.s
    Photos 5-9: © Christof Weber
    Photo 10: © Ginger Head



14 OCTOBER 2023, FROM 17H00 TO 01H00


Villa Vauban – Musée d’Art de la Ville de Luxembourg

Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

MNHA – Musée national d’histoire et d’art

Musée national d’histoire naturelle – ‘natur musée’

Musée Dräi Eechelen – Forteresse, Histoire, Identités

Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean



Until 14 October (14h00): in all participating museums & at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office

Until 13 October (18h30) : on site at luxembourgticket 

Until 10 October (18h30) : online at


Adults: 10€

Youth (16-26): 3€

<16 years old: 0€

Kulturpass: 0€

Amis des Musées & Frënn vum ‘natur musée’: 0€



Adults: 15€

Youth (16-26): 7€

< 16 years old: 0€

Kulturpass: 0€

Amis des Musées & Frënn vum ‘natur musée’: 0€




Detailed programmes from 1.10.2023: click on the icons of the museums above.




In order to facilitate the nightly tour, use the free shuttle busses.

Map shuttles Timetable




VILLA VAUBAN Luxembourg City Art Museum
CASINO LUXEMBOURG Forum d'art contemporain
MNHA Musée national d'histoire et d'art
NATUR MUSÉE Musée national d'histoire naturelle
MUDAM LUXEMBOURG Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
Workshop for children: Clear to cloudy (> 23H00)
Up-Fuse Workshop open to all ages (>21H30)
Workshop for children: Poster Party (>23H00)
Workshop for children: Magnets in Gast Michels’ style (> 21H00)
Workshop for children: Bees, bumblebees, wasps and Co. (> 21H00)
Workshop for children: "Handwiewerei" (>21H00)
Photo Point (>01H00)
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (LU)
Fortress history in front of your eyes: performance of the 9th Light (>23H00)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Guided tour "The Villa Vauban and its sculpture park" (LU)
Guided tour (LU/DE)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (LU/DE)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (EN)
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (LU)
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Fabienne Gorges
Discovery of the casemates (FR)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (FR)
Print workshop for adults (>01H00)
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Franziska Peschel
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (FR)
Performance: Ziúr & Tarek Atoui
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Guided tour (EN)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (EN)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (LU)
"Lëtz’ talk Art" (FR)
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (FR)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (LU)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Guided tour "The Villa Vauban and its sculpture park" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Jackie Moontan (EN)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (EN)
Theatre Tour: "Mansfeld um Tour" (LU)
Maras & Faya Braz
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Pascale Noé Adam (LU)
Public workshop: Blueprint (>23H00)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (FR)
Guided tour (FR)
Guided tour "Sound Without Music" (FR)
“Sing along!"
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (EN)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
Coup de cœur with Fabienne Gorges
Discovery of the casemates (LU/DE)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (LU)
Reading for children "Waking the Mountain" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Cosimo Suglia
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Theatre Tour: "Mansfeld um Tour" (LU)
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (DE)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (LU/DE)
Guided tour (EN)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (FR)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (EN)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (EN)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
DJ Set : Shacha (> 01H00)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Guided tour (FR)
PUCK SCHOT – Breath/Fist
DJ Maximillion (>01H00)
"The museum’s architectural and archeological scenery" (LU)
Coup de cœur with Gina Árvai (EN)
Maras & Faya Braz
Guided tour "Collect10ns 2012-2022" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Max Gindorff (DE)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (LU/DE)
Guided tour (LU/DE)
“Sing along!"
"Lëtz’ talk Art" (EN)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "Luxembourg’s colonial past" (LU)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma (EN)
Discovery of the casemates (EN)
Guided tour "Jours de lenteur" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Cosimo Suglia
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (EN)
Guided tour "Gast Michels" (LU/DE)
Guided tour "IMPACT" (LU)
Coup de cœur with Franziska Peschel
Performance: Ziúr et Tarek Atoui
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (EN)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Acidic Male (Dj Set)
Guided tour "Komm, mir grënnen e Veräin" (LU)
Musical performance: Ro Gebhardt's "International"
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (LU)
Musical performance: André Mergenthaler
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (FR)
Strolling concert: Duo Kiasma
Coup de cœur with Gina Árvai (EN)
Maras & Faya Braz
Coup de cœur with Pascale Noé Adam (FR)
Guided tour "A stroll through art" (EN)
Guided tour "Meet the masters" (FR)
Sensu, Part II (Dj Set)
Guided tour "The Rape of Europe" (EN)
Guided tour "John Constable’s English Landscapes" (EN)
Coup de cœur with Jackie Moontan (EN)
Guided tour "Best of Posters" (FR)
Coup de cœur with Max Gindorff (DE)